Do not let anybody hamper you..#MyChoice

Eri's Diary

A day before I was turning the pages of newspaper and when my eyes went across a column where Deepika Padukone’s latest video released by Vogue India Magazine was creating a battle between the society. There were number of people along with Deepika where as many were against who believed that being selective with one’s choices is a horror crime.


By the time I could have read the complete column that my phone beeped. It was my random friend who texted regarding my where about. The conversation turned to my marriage planning and the exact perfect answer from my side was “It would be complete my choice to choose him from 7 billion people or not”…well thanks to the latest Dip’s video which I saw last week.


Although our convo stopped at that right moment but Please tell me are we girls/ladies “Battamiz”  if we follow what we dream of…

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