After the earthquake, during the rain

Mithai Mumblezz


When a disaster strikes, we can feel how diminutive and forlorn we are to the mighty wraith of nature.

A pair of roses in the name of all the lost souls of Nepal and everyone who suffered bereavement in the form of loved ones or property.
May you find peace back in life in the coming days.

The tremors could even be felt wildly in the northern part of India….and shortly after, it started raining with cold winds wrecking the windows and trees.

The loud pattering of rain drops, chilly winds caressing my face, witnessing the dark phantom clouds….. I felt so infinitesimal in this very big world.

Lives being lost in my neighboring country by the miff of nature while in another part of the world I’m beholding it in its most ethereal contour. Baffling!!

Looking at these baby pink roses in our rooftop garden embedded with…

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