First school update!!

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Whaaaat is up guys

It’s me again. So school has really been it for these few days. Honestly, it is so tiring, the transition from studying mathematics, chemistry, biology, english, history and geography to all of a sudden learning how to develop a web client with HTML5 and CSS. So first off, my classmates are suuuper chill people, they’re awesome in other words!

Talking about what I’ve been doing so far now, I’ve had 1 accounting lesson so far. As for the rest, I have a social media marketing module and right off the bat for this module, my school has opened up for clients to seek us to help them in their social media marketing department. My thoughts about this is that it’s really, really cool, but I feel that it escalated too quickly, I mean I’ve JUST ONLY started school. So talking about the clients, most of them…

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