What does Feminism mean to you… A new blog, for starters.


Back in October a friend told me about Joseph Gordon Levitt’s request on his site, HitRecord, to submit posts about what Feminism means to you, wanting to know why people chose to either identify as Feminist or not. My friend knowing about my pathetic confusion with the whole debate, suggested I take part so, if nothing else, I can understand my own thoughts a little better. I’m fully aware that September was a long time ago and that the request on his site is long gone, and admittedly after reading online and realizing this very fact, I almost decided not to bother. Then, luckily or unluckily; depending on how you look at it, came to my attention the ‘Women Against Feminism‘ Tumblr site. Long story cut short of the groans and grumbles and pure disbelief that followed said discovery, I decided I didn’t care whether I’m too…

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