Krista Tippett: Oy!

Why Evolution Is True

One of the downsides of doing grocery shopping at 7 a.m. on Sunday is that, if you’re listening to National Public Radio (NPR), as I’m wont to do, you’ll probably have to hear the unctuous Krista Tippett and her “On Being” show.  The American version of a less scholarly Karen Armstrong, Tippett never met a religion she didn’t like, often making a warm and fuzzy conflation of religion and spirituality. In other words, Tippett is in love with the numinous, particularly if it’s expressed in deepities that make the listener feel smart.  On today’s show, God help me, I heard her say something like this, quoting someone whose name I can’t recall:

“____________ once said ‘The soul is composed of attentiveness.’ I think we need to make a space for that.”

Jebus in a chicken basket! What does that mean? If ever there was a deepity, that is one. And Tippett…

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