Goodnight Dreams

Mush Too Much

As the clock strikes midnight I wonder how you are
Whether your eyes are still twinkling like the brightest star
Or whether you’re now sleeping, tucked up in bed
With pleasant dreams of us playing around in your head.

I desperately want to send you a goodnight text
But your wish is also something I want to respect.
I hope you’re keeping well & getting on ok,
I hope you’re happy & enjoying every brand new day.

I know I myself need to go upstairs to sleep
Hoping I’ll dream of the fond memories I keep
But I can’t seem to switch my brain off from on
& before I know it another hour has gone.

I miss you so much & love you even more
& every night I wish you’d walk back through the door
But until that day comes I will just whisper goodnight
& dream of…

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