Aussies donate marsupial mittens to help koalas with burned paws

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Here’s a heartwarming story about how people banded together to help Australia’s emblematic animal, and one of the world’s five cutest mammals. I refer, of course, to the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus). It turns out that, according to both the Guardian and the Times of London, the bushfires that have ravaged parts of south Australia have also killed or injured many koalas. Many of the injured animals have burnt paws, acquired while trying to hang on to blazing trees or to run across burning grass.

Here’s injured Jeremy getting preliminary treatment:

500 Jeremy the koala receives treatment for burnt paws. Photograph:

To save the beasts, their paws first need to be soaked and then, like burnt human hands,  slathered with ointments and dressed, with the dressings changed daily to prevent infection. And that means that people had to make mittens for these marsupials. A call went out for custom mittens. And people responded…

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