Galaxy S6 Evolution

Galaxy S series smart phones to get first place in the smartphone market, Samsung made and these best smartphone promised to be. At the launch of the Galaxy S 4 ordered rates were surprising, no doubt, but with the launch of smart phones different manufacturer slowly S4 is now less bright fire. Has recently launched, iPhone 5S market with its 64-bit chip set is one of the top most leaders, its performance is unbeatable at the moment. However, the performance of the Galaxy Note 3 to reach the iPhone, but you can still lead a Galaxy S smartphone, which is currently available. So, Samsung has already S6.There seeking to Galaxy S6 and are looking for availability in your country, which is what so many people seem to have plans, needs some it’s series Samsung Galaxy S5 the next fire and the other side is willing to come. Samsung Galaxy S5 was released in August 2014 in the month of Samsung Galaxy S6 usually release date of the program that were rumors in the last few months of the release of their flagship Galaxy S6 date There series. Samsung release of Galaxy Take one-year gap between the months of April 2014 to September 4possibly balance in upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note but the market is going to make and it is of course would delay the release date of Samsung Galaxy S6 now it seems. And now in the month of December 2014 fans forgive Samsung Galaxy S6 almost no chance to see, but we will have to wait. Samsung Galaxy S6 certainly appears next generation Galaxy Note 4 and hope that will bring some interesting things to the next level. price Samsung 2014 the most advanced hardware in the Galaxy S6 and S6 generation Samsung will fire but with the software is concerned, everything is within range for a consumer is a good price? Answer the Galaxy Note 3 Samsung has launched the most expensive ever phablet / smartphone is priced at US $ 770 and it is in most of the country, yes. Galaxy Galaxy S5 and S6 of the discount price with very beautiful in this case will be sold for the same thing in the beginning to get the maximum price of $ 750 and will think. But we can increase the cost concept is flexible performance are not sure. However, the price of the Galaxy S6 Sony Xperia Z1 and sales after the launch of iPhone 5 S 4 discussed above Max. Galaxy S6 750 and 800 USD will be maintained in the range between the glasses and features as speed and still really bad are affected with a fall. However, on the other side of the market all new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to the next ladder to climb, but the future is not so easy. Similar to other manufacturers are trying to get the hardware devices, and there are already some similar tools. Samsung is a name, no doubt, but there are intelligent and most importantly, price-performance ratio compared to a smartphone and are every bit out of people. In just a few days, Google will come up with unbeatable price-performance ratio, the smartphone which will be priced around $ 299 just to get things to display the iPhone 5 will stand in the future will be matched Samsung’s Nexus 5 like this? Well, we have an answer. Galaxy S5 operated with 64-bit processor chipset is going to be the first Android smartphone. First S5 next generation will be operated with 16-core chipset Exynos 8000 series were rumors Octa-core Exynos chipset, but it is not true operated with S5, S6, but the good news is that the Galaxy range Exynos 8000 chipset in the presence of confirmed wouldbe, like many aspects of the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S6 coverage will be better than my present laptop that will be defined by its internal hardware. • Samsung Exynos 8000 16-core processors / 64-bit 810 Qualcomm Snapdragon • 4GB RAM • 128GB of on-board memory • 5.2-inch high-definition display Ulta 5.0These 3300 • Specifications • 3500 mAh battery for Android (4K) or • 21MP 8Kresolution flexible display at full HD (Ultra pixel sensor) Recording (ready for your 8K resolution TV content), we are damn amazing about 2013 but Sony, HTC, ZTE or some other manufacturers like LG better in 2014 or will come with similar specs Who knows if Samsung will launch them, so it would seem indifferent.Update: 09/02/2014 – According to the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon Galaxy S6 810 Will 4G LTE modem and advanced Cat 6, the upcoming Snapdragon 810 will power our next major galaxy to S6.

The new chipset wetalk about the new chipset will be coming later this year, is based on the 20nm technology and advanced features 64-bit architecture.The Cat 6 and is designed to be integrated modem will support the modem Includes radio frequency module paired with 4G LTE and mostmodern frequency 300 Mbit / s on the ARM Cortex-A57 and Cortex DataTransfer speed Snapdragon 810 A53 (high performance or efficiency based on 4 core 64-bit processor uses ranges.To specific supports,) depending on specific tasks, GPU and Qualcomm Adreno430 (support 4K displays and standard OpenGL ES 3.1, hardware tessellation and geometry shaders) And the new GPU hardware efficiency of 30% will improve. Among other features LPDDR4 RAM Verification Snapdragon platform includes support for standards. Furthermore, the flagship of our S6 were expected to perform 2k resolution, and yes, newchipset up to 30 frames / s 4K video support, and a good news as RN / S with capacity of 1.2 has two 14-bit imageprocessor / second will allow you to record video at 120 frames 1080p HDMI, snapdragon 1.4.New through 810 has the ability to connect an external display 4K resolution. Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6 of the Octa-core Exynos chip.All some new fans to get to know the Samsung Galaxy series phones first – then, let all the information officially.Update (23 जून 2014) a few months to hear expected to wait for the market to similar expectations may appear in the next couple of months, the Samsung Galaxy Note animals are set to 4, but it was not revolutionary. And there is no doubt that our animal, the Galaxy S6 to delay the release date is going. If you will not go wrong with the S6 4 ​​just after the release of Galaxy Note Galaxy S6 are expected if all the possibilities, however, pointed out in 2015 that appears at the end of 2014 seems unlikely. And now you do not end here either January or February 2015.The new rumors to the story of S6 can set your expectations for the month of release, Samsung has really drawn Octa-core Exynos chip that shows A more interesting rumors that will support our galaxy S6 chip firstappear in Note 4 to the next level. So, nextGalaxy S series phone certainly will take to the next level of performance and specs. QHD display, 4GB of RAM and amazing camera sensor, it has attracted a lot of fans to buy Samsung may have other interesting specs.